Body parts that hit the hardest during pregnancy!

Diabetes awareness is a must in pregnancy
Follow screening tests and good sugar control.
Stay aware stay safe

Alcohol is best avoided during lactation.
However, if you chose to drink, here are some tips.

Every 9 minutes, 1 woman in India loses her battle to cervical cancer.
It is most common PREVENTABLE cancer.
Know it, fight it.

Choose your birth-control wisely.
Discuss with your doctor about failure rates of each (also called pearl index)
Talk about your needs depending on the frequency of intercourse and for how long you require birth control.
Avoid unwanted conceptions and abortions.
Be aware be safe.

Second trimester miscarriage
It is when mother loses her baby after about 14 weeks or first three months of pregnancy

Causes could be
👉 cervical incompetency (week uterus opening)
👉Fibroid uterus
👉Uterine septum or other anomaly
👉Autoimmune diseases
👉Hormonal imbalance diabetes thyroid disorder etc
👉Infections or leaking
Such abortions can be both physically and mentally taxing.
Please visit specialist doctor for guidance.

Flu season is upon us.
Stay safe by
👆🏻Avoiding crowded places
👆🏻Wear your lil one a mask if above 2 years old
👆🏻Regular hand wash
👆🏻Plenty of fluids
👆🏻Vitamin C rich food.
👆🏻healthy diet

Here are some home remedies if your kid catches a cold.

The most common cause of anemia in India is nutritional.
Which means your diet is not healthy enough.
A complete nutritious diet rich in iron is a must during pregnancy.

Dont forget your prenatal vitamins and regular checkups too.

AQI in delhi is dangerously high.
Take care of yourself and your family.
Especially if you are expecting or have a small kid.
Some tips to get you through 👆🏻

Your uterus in third trimester is taking up most the space in your tummy. All your organs are squished. No wonder tou are so uncomfortable.

👉Eat small frequent meals
👉Avoid oily and spicy food
👉Exercise with precautions
👉Lie on your left side
👉Use a pillow between your legs
Talk to your doctor if still uncomfortable

The back pain and joint pains are getting worse.
Legs are swollen.
Spine is all curved.
Centre of gravity is all over the place.

Oh how a prenatal massage can be relaxing.

💆‍♀️Always get it from professional
💆‍♀️Consult your doctor for any high risks
💆‍♀️It should never be painful
💆‍♀️Avoid any chemicals
💆‍♀️Relax and pamper yourself

Braxton hick contractions are body’s way of preparing for labour.
They typically start in second trimester. They are however not true labour pains.

True labour pains come at regular intervals and increase in frequency and intensity with time while Braxton hicks contractions come at irregular intervals and gradually subside.
True labour pains may be associated with leaking (water burst), mucous plug or show (slight blood mixed discharge).
Braxton hicks are more of tightening feeling in abdomen and not associated with any of these.

When in doubt, contact your gynaecologist.

Pregnancy has surge of so many hormones.
Take care of your skin.

👉 Eat healthy
👉 Keep hydrated
👉 Moisturise your skin regularly
👉 Don’t use too many chemicals
👉 Avoid scented soaps and products on private parts
👉 Don’t ignore your symptoms.
Contact your doctor for any abnormal findings.

It is wonderful feeling having a life grow inside of you.
👉Take good care of yourself,
Keep a tab on baby kicks.

There are different reasons for infertility at young age.
Infertility is not a FEMALE issue, its a COUPLE issue. 
Let’s encourage couple counselling and treatment. 

Stay informed, Stay safe.
Ask your doctor about flu shot this flu season.
👉Get routine Td and Tdap vaccinations.
👉If your blood group is Rh negative, ask about Anti D vaccination.
Get yourself Covid vaccinated.

Know Cancer, Defeat Cancer.
👉Know your risk factors
👉Exercise routine screening
👉Have a healthy lifestyle
Contact your doctor regularly

Women should do a self breast exam every month to look and feel changes in their breast.

There is no single way to become a good mom, there are infact a million ways to become one.
Be the best version of you.
Take care of yourself along with your baby.

Encourage them, love them, nurture them. They are bundles of potential.

Kuchh daag achhe hote hain !

Look for these signs.
When in doubt, contact your doctor.

Heart burn is very common throughout pregnancy. Its because of hormones and uterus becoming bigger and bigger.
👉Have small frequent meals
👉Keep hydrated
👉Stay active
👉Avoid self medication
👉Avoid oily and spicy food
👉Lie in left lateral position

Galactogogues are the foods that help increase your milk production.
To have a healthy breast milk supply, latch the baby frequently, keep away from stress and even pump breast as required.

Know what’s normal & what’s not.
Stay informed, stay safe.

Having multiple ultrasound examinations during pregnancy is unlikely to cause any lasting harm to the developing baby.

Your doctor may advice you more ultrasounds if you have high risk pregnancy.

Menstrual education is important for all young girls.

Know what’s normal & what’s not.
Stay informed, stay safe.

Expecting mothers are not allowed to do long hours of fasting, it might affect the growth of the baby.
Little tips for the festive season.

Mantra of a healthy pregnancy
👉Keep yourself active
👉Do yoga, exercise, meditate, stretch
👉Eat healthy
👉Be happy

Your body will experience a lot of changes after pregnancy.
👉Don’t stress out
👉Eat healthy

PMDD is a severe form of PMS, caused by genetic sensitivity to hormone fluctuations.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to multiple problems including abortions, preterm births, developmental abnormalities in babies.
👉Stay away from smoking.
👉Stay awake from smoke.
👉Even passive smoking can put your baby at risk.

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